Web Development

With so much of the applications in healthcare (and the rest of the world) built today being Web-based, I thought that I would add a Web development sevtion to the site. It doesn't hurt that I have been a Web developer since the Internet started :)

When people speak of Web development, most are talking about the use of HTML. HTML is a mark up language that is used to add the various markups (bold, font size, etc) to text on the Web page. HTML is not a programming language like C# or a scripting language like JavaScript, so it does not have the ability to do logic any actions. To have a dynamic Website that is database driven, the most common languages to development it in is Php with a MYSQL datase and ASP.NET with a SQL Server database.

Favorite Links:

  • W3schools - One the oldest and best tutorial sites on the Internet
  • OSWD - Website with free open source Website templates

Website Templates

Here are some free Web templates that you can use for whatevever needs you have. You can post any Web development questions that you have in the forum.
Click here to browse the templates.