About the Guru

Sam I started prgramming in 1979 at the age of 14 while I was in a MENSA program at my highschool. At the time, there was no Internet and the primary language used in schools was Basic. I used an Apple 2 in school and had aceess to a Sperry Univac at the local college where I was tutoring college students in programming. A lot has changed since then, but my love for IT has never dimmed.

While I loved IT, I was also drawn to healthcare, and after graduating highschool I joined the US Army as a combat medic. During my 10 years in the Army, I trainined as a combat medic(91B) and respiratory therapist(91V). After I left the Army, I would go on to alternate working between the healtcare and IT fields for the next 16 years before I discovered that working in healthcare informatics would allow me to combine both fields into one that I really enjoyed.

Here's a brief list of some of my experience/education:
In civilian healthcare, I have been a paramedic, nurse tech, respiratory therapist and a registered nurse. In IT, I have worked the help desk at a university, a Web and software developer at a plethura of small companies, IT director at Kirchman (banking software), a developer/analyst with SunGard and a Web developer/analyst with Disney, etc. My education includes a bachelor degree in computer information systems and a masters degree in nursing (with a specialization in informatics).

Today, I work as a healthcare informatics consultant while continuing to develop custom applications for this industry. I also volunteer and the chairman of informatics for the state of Florida's emergency nurses association, along with a few other groups. My current project in the BonnBoard V2 which not only has the capabilities of the BonnBoard V1 which is currently in use in Florida, but also has a Web-based interface for charting and order entry that can print out to be put on the patients chart, sent to the medical records office as a pdf or even connected to the hospitals EHR system so that it goes into the patient database.

Latest News!

August 1, 2014
I am now VP/CIO of Crescent Care Corporation and have taken on the task of developing a complete digital solution for Assisted Living Facilities (ALF's)