McKesson Product Consulting

If you are seeking a consultant for your McKesson products, why consider one that is not at the top of the field and has the education and experience to help ensure that your project is a success? This may seem like a silly question, but in reality, less than qualified consultants are hired daily by healthcare institutions. Before you bring in an "expert" to assist you with your EHR/CPOE needs, carefully review their education and experience to assure that they have a complete understanding of the field/products for which they are consulting.

The following are the McKesson produsts for which I am now consulting:

  • Horizon Expert Orders (HEO) - Horizon Clinicals order entry system (text-based)
  • iForms/VGR - Provides a graphical interface for the HEO. iForms are created utilizing HTML. JavaScript is added to the iForm to add functionality, such as form validation, security, drug calculations, pop-ups, automating processing, etc. CSS is added to the HTML for styling purposes. VGR is the propietory language that is used to "connect" the HTML iForm to the McKesson database to complete the orders.
  • Horizon Emergency care (HEC) - Horizon Clinicals product for charting in Emergency Departments
  • Tracking Board - Horizon Clinicals product for patient tracking. This product is commonly used in the ED but can be used in any department.

What makes me different than other consultants when these products are concerned?

  • McKesson certification in each product
  • I Have used each product as an RN in a clinical environment (ED)
  • I Have supported each product in a hospital environment
  • Clinical education to understand how clinical needs can be met (RN, MSN, RT, EMT)
  • IT education & experience to understand how the products function and how IT needs can be met (Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BSCIS), Software developer, analyst and IT director experience in internaltional corporations (Disney, SunGard, Metavante, etc)
  • iForms - Who could develop iForms better than a profession Web developer (education/experience) who also happens to be a clinician with many years of experience? No one.
    • Web developer - iForms are developed using HTML (Web pages), and I have a degree IT degree specific to development (BSCIS), and I have professional, high-level Web development experience in companies such as Disney, SunGard, and Pringle. Any high school kid without an education can make and sell "Websites", but only the best can develop professional experience for companies like Disney.
    • Clinical - iForms are used by clinical staff to enter orders, so only clinicians that have used them understand the clinical flow that the iForms should follow. I am a registered nurse (RN, MSN) that has used and supprted iForms in the hospital environment from the planning phase, through development and implmentation, and then ongoing maintenance.
I have experience and am certified in many other McKesson products, but I prefer to concentrate on these, as I believe I will be a better asset if my focus is narrowed to specific products.